Reverse Image Search

How do I reverse image search?

  • Go to your chosen reverse image site.

  • For Google and Yandex, click on the camera icon in the search bar.

  • Upload your file (Select a File), or paste a link to the image (Enter Image URL).

  • Scroll down the results until you see matches related to what you are looking for.

  • Click on them.

The Sites


    “Multi-service image search” queries through various boorus listed in the homepage.

    Formerly “What Anime Is This”, used for finding anime sources from screenshots. It has some quirks so please read its FAQ.

    Anime screenshots, artwork and manga. Searches through boorus and sites like deviantart and indexes the author’s name, useful for when an image is deleted.

    Searches for artwork through sites like twitter and pixiv among others. Displays the original link and artist’s account. When reverse searching be sure to use both methods listed at the lower-right of your image: 色合検索 (“color search”) and 特徴検索 (“feature search”).

General purpose*

*can still be used for animu

    Seriously fucking good, it’s like magic. If necessary disable safe search next to the “Register” button, the ukranian version is said to work better1

    Nothing too special, it works. Has pretty handy direct URLs to both the image and the site where it’s displayed.

    Eeh, not really the best but sometimes it gets stuff the others don’t. Scroll down a bit until you see your image next to the websites, those are the actual results.

    Last resort.

    For finding 3D Asian models and idols.

Not even reverse image searching websites

If your image has been posted to 4chan before, or you think it may have been, you can use these sites to check which board and which thread they were posted in. This can be helpful in finding sauce, since other anons may have provided it in the past. Drag your image (or its hash) into the search bar and LURK.

How to sauce

  • Crop out irrelevant parts of the image, e.g. black borders.
  • Try all the sites and exhaust all options, if you’re reverse searching a video or gif extract multiple frames and search each of them on every site.
  • If your image has an unix timestamp for a filename (1500240591941.jpg), it’s likely from 4chan.
  • If you could only find a better (but not perfect) version of the image you’re looking for then use it to search on all the sites again.
  • And if you find a better version of an image you think could’ve been posted on 4chan, give the archives a try.
  • Flipping the image horizontally and searching again can sometimes help, but not often.

If all this fails: /wsr/

  1. By a single anonymous poster on 4chan↩︎

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