Finding music from a sample

Finding it

  • Search the lyrics online
    Pretty obvious but some people don’t ever do it. Try to discern as much of the lyrics as you can and plug them into a search engine along with the word ‘lyrics’, if applicable use quotation marks (“) to separate different parts from the song (i.e. lyrics”i told the witch doctor" “just like you were a miser”).
    Try also searching on sites dedicated to lyrics like or or limiting your search to these (i.e. on Google: lyrics “i told the witch doctor”).

  • Search the comment section and video description
    If you’re looking for the sauce in a YT video CTRL+F through the comment section, use for videos with a lot of comments. Also look at the description.

  • Look at the metadata
    If you have a file that can store metadata, particularly a WebM from /wsg/ use a program like to see it, often times the source is listed there. 4chan-x adds a “title” button next to the file info for WebMs that lets you search for this without having to download the file.

  • /wsg/, /gif/, /r/ & /wsr/ archives
    For files with audio, /wsg/; /gif/; /r/ & /wsr/ are the only 4chan boards where they can be posted. Search your file using a third party archive to see if the music sauce has ever been given before.
    Also do this for YouTube links or other video hosting sites.

  • Find your video on other sites
    If you have a video, reverse image search several frames from it to find other places where it’s been posted (potientally along its sauce). When choosing frames pick ones very different from each other, some reverse search engines work with color so keep that in mind.
    An easy way to quickly reverse search frames is to open your video with Firefox/Chrome/Edge/Opera and use Search by Image by Armin Sebastian. Otherwise you can screenshot the frames and search them on each website manually.

    “On WatZatSong, you can record a tune you have stuck in your head, or upload a music sample you cannot identify, and this music-specialist community will identify it for you!”1

Reverse searching it

  • Shazam (smartphone app)
    Download it, run it and press the big blue button while the music is playing. Make sure there isn’t any noise, I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

  • Soundhound (smartphone app)
    Same as above.

  • Google (smartphone app)
    If you’re on Android you probably have the app already. Just ask or type in “What song is this” on the search bar. Probably not as good as the above two.

    Same as the previous three except not a phone app. You can also upload files.

    Browser version of Soundhound.

    Extension for Edge and Chrome.

  • Upload it to YouTube
    YT has a system to recognize music from videos and flag them for copyright reasons. If you have a video trim it to where it’s only the music part and upload it, if you only have an audio file add video to it and upload. The recognized song will appear below the description of your video after clicking “Show more” and also in the YouTube studio content tab: Click your profile picture -> Click “YouTube Studio” -> Click “Content” -> See the “Restriction” column, if it says anything other than “None” then click that -> Click “See Details” -> The song information will appear here, you can remove the video after this.
    If the Restriction column says None it means YouTube could not flag your video for copyright.
    You can search the internet for websites or programs to trim videos/add blank visuals to audio for free.

Finding music downloads