Handy Websites

Some handy websites to use for various needs

Image/gif Editing

  • Remove.bg
    Automatically removes the background from an image. Has varying results

  • Petalica Paint
    Automatically colourise black and white images/sketches. AI powered.

  • Waifu2x
    Image upscaler.

  • EZgif
    Easily edit .gifs online. Can also give .gifs transparent backgrounds. Varying results.

  • Lunapic
    Online image editor and gif editor. Can easily add some stock animations to gifs.

  • Autotracer
    Autotracer is a free online image vectorizer. It can convert raster images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to scalable vector graphics (EPS, SVG, AI and PDF).

  • Overmix
    Overmix can stitch fractions of smaller images together to create the original full image. It is specifically made for stitching anime screenshots, where a small portion of a scene is shown and the viewpoint slides to show the remaining area.

  • Photopea
    Free online image editing tool, similar to Photoshop

  • Pixlr
    Another free online image editing tool, similar to Photoshop


  • getyarn
    Search a word or phrase, get movie/tv clips of people saying that phrase

  • vietOCR
    Scans an image and outputs the text. Yes it works for English, I know it says Vietnamese.

I’m not really familiar with this but I just installed it and it seems to work well. Seems handy, maybe there are better ones out there though this does let you do images in bulk also

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