Frequently Requested Images/Items

This page contains things that are frequently requested on /wsr/. You may find what you are looking for here

Which site is best for me

I hate anime, nerds, virgins, neckbeards etc.

Degradation of a fanbase/hobby

People who aren’t interested in a hobby join the fanbase regardless and ruin it


No more worries, anxious racing thoughts calmed down by her/gf/tulpa

Deliberately Mad

I deliberately entered a thread full of things that I do not like, and now I am mad. How could this be happening to me?

How do communities work?

For when you want to tell everyone 4chan is an anime site

Look what we did

Thinking their outrage accomplishes anything

Cardboard cutout demons

The real enemy is the inner me. Guy sets up things he doesn’t like around him


For meme purposes

Over 9000

Power levels are always relevant