General Discussion Page

This page is a place for users to discuss things that need to be done to improve the helpfulness of the site.

To-do List (ordered by importance)

Youtube to WEBM guide

For the Webms page, a complete guide about how to use youtube-dl and ffmpeg to convert youtube videos (or segments of youtube videos) into the VP8/VPX format webms that can be posted on 4channel.

Finish the Books page

Currently Books is very ugly (imo) and disorganized. The alternate links shouldn’t be placed in parentheses, instead they should be listed properly on the wiki page for the appropriate site. Explanations for how scihub and libgen work are needed. Some research into IRC as a source for book torrents needs to be conducted for completeness as well.

okatan: How would you even organize it? Means to obtain books followed by other random relevant stuff seems the only reasonable way to me. Canning the other random relevant stuff is always an option tho, there isn’t anything particularly relevant there.

Automatically aggregating posts on /wsr/ that link to pages on this wiki will help to determine which pages are the most helpful, how to improve them further, etc..